God’s spirit

A misshapen bird
Appears beautiful
In carvings found yet
Lost for generations
In daylight flies
Sun burns his wings
In agony
Mutates into thousands
Of humans and Gods
Worshipped into extinction
Remains untouched
In agony
Feeds on the flesh
Of the dead
All that exists
Not the soul
Souls are for deliverance
If they were found
In carvings the only found
Record of
A misshapen bird
And God’s spirit
Worshipped into extinction
The scribes in their agony
Desperately rewrite the story
Desperately seek to capture the
To recreate the
Misshapen bird
Unnoticed by the desperate scribes.

January 20, 2019

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Blood pressure

I eat a little
I eat too much
I drink and drink
Only water is allowed
I wake up at midnight
I take a reading
The numbers persist
It is too high
It is too low
Headaches and
Heat rash
Cold wave of shivering
Sleepless nights continue and
The numbers persist
Bleeding vessels are choking in
The pressure of thought rush is
Whirling in a tortured mind
The numbers persist
In the vanishing night.

January 19, 2019

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Long Silent

Long silent
I have been silent for long
Pretending to contemplate
Time unmeasured remains in my
Long silent
Appears on the surface of my
Am I? For how long?
I have not been told that
I am
I remained silent
Silent for long
Silent as long as

January 18, 2019

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Eyes –
There are good eyes
There are evil eyes
There are eyes that look but never see
There are eyes that see so deep
They cut the skin and break the masks
We wear
There are questioning eyes
And eyes that never answer.

Eyes –
I was told to fear them
As a child and came to revere them
Through them I saw secrets
Through them I opened vaults
Of human mind and soul
Then came your

The only eyes to puzzle me
To suspend me
To turn me a child, fearing

June 12, 2018

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Unkind Anger

Anger corrupts the soul my son
Said the woman wrapped in the
Ugliness of the years past.

I wondered how unkind
Time can be.

June 10, 2018

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Classical … typical

At the door she stood
Half naked the light went through
Her see through open robe
Half open to be accurate
Occurred to me as I was
Half listening to her stream
Of words, a self held

How typical of you
Always half never to end
Can’t you hold the way
Can’t you reach the climax of
Success can you not persist
A classical line she toed

How typical of us
To remain unchanged for
So long stuck in the
Old ways afraid of saying
I do not love you
I do love you not
Perhaps I hate you because
I can’t leave you to
Your self held conversations
And your nakedness
And your halfway doors
Where you always stand
I can’t just leave you
In a whole decision once
In a decision undivided
I can not leave you

June 8, 2018

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Indigence flummox!
Hundreds fleeing the eruption
Home is flattened earth.

June 8, 2018

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