Very short story: The Tenant

She has to move out, he thought while boiling the kettle to make his morning tea. It was 7am. She was in the shower. He was awake earlier than he needed. Today is his day to work from home. A privilege afforded by his job thanks to technology. The same technology that was his source of finding her, a friend, a potential lover, a girl-friend, a tenant. Yes she is just a tenant. The kettle boiled. He made his tea and walked back to his room with a slightly faster pace when the shower noise stopped.

Isabel was 24 years old who has travelled and experienced life extensively and intensely. Since her graduation 2 years earlier, she had been travelling the world, doing temporary jobs, meeting strangers, sleeping on couches, and sleeping around. She carried with her a map of the world with ticks on every country she visited and every country from which she had a lover. She showed him the first night she stayed over at his place. She was proud and pleased with herself. But now she wanted to settle. All of this was intimidating to David. As a programmer, he had his share of travelling but mostly for work visiting clients, delivering training courses, or attending conferences. Of course, he had the odd fling here and there, after all a successful and yet good looking programmer has his own attractions. He is no pin-up model he knew that but he knew how to present himself well without selling out to suits but equally not looking shabby in worn out jeans. Isabel was from the couchsurfing generation, David made it possible by his programs. They thought they had so much in common to share. So when David offered Isabel to stay at his place it sounded great. And when Isabel asked David if she can continue by renting his room, he agreed immediately. Both thought they found their perfect flatmate. Little they knew.

But then c’est la vie!

About alaindesade

Novelist, songwriter and philosopher. Has special interest in human relations, evolution of mind, inter-cultural complications, and the concept of God.
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