Poem: Something to say


I have got something to say
but I lack the words
I lack that energy the anger puts
in our souls. Why
should I ever be angry
for all the words
and all the thoughts
have proved irrelevant when
it comes to you.
I have got something to say
So please stop! Stop
that noise you are making. Why
do you call it talking? I hear
no words
It is noise
You are noisy
So please
Please stop being annoying
Do not nag me because
noise, noise, noise
I am not going anywhere
So please
Please stop the noise
of being here
of being in my heart
of being in my mind
of being
here stop because
it hurts.
I used to have something to say
but now
I have nothing. Blank
is my mind. Empty
is my heart. Why
did you allow me to recognize
the words in your noise. I
had something to say,
but now
please leave.
I have got something to say
Now it is late, far too late to say
I love you to my core. Tears flow
on my cheeks watching you walking
in the distance.
I have got something to say
so why don’t you stay
with no time limits for I struggle
with the noises I make
to say …

November 21, 2015

About alaindesade

Novelist, songwriter and philosopher. Has special interest in human relations, evolution of mind, inter-cultural complications, and the concept of God.
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