Poem: The End


Have I reached the end
Or the end should reach me?
Do I continue with my homework
Or is it time for dinner?
Can I play outside
On this sunny day
Or is it permanently snowing?
I do not know
Who would know, Mother?

She is buried at the edge of the cemetery
In the last available plot
She is marked by two edges
In a crowded land of the dead
It is crowded in life
It is crowded in death
It is crowded in thoughts
It is shrouded in thoughts
The words keep floating on my lips
Like the foam in a dead mouth
A poisoned soul
A poisoned body.

There was a rebellion in the cells
They broke away from the giant
They became hostile to their neighbours
They …
They were part of her and
They killed her.

Cancer he said.
What do you want us to do?
He said.
He said.
He said.
There was so much saying, talking, ideas and words
There was little incentive to listen.

I did all my homework mum,
So why did you leave?

It is crowded out there.
It is lonely in here.
Between there and here
Between here and there
A life time of regrets and longing.

I did all my homework mum,
So why did you leave?

The end, did I reach it
Or do I have to wait
For the end to reach me?


April 26, 2016

About alaindesade

Novelist, songwriter and philosopher. Has special interest in human relations, evolution of mind, inter-cultural complications, and the concept of God.
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