Never mind the age gap

She asks me
All the difficult questions
How old are you?
Why are you here?
Do you love mother,
Sister and dog?
She asks me and
I think a child.

Ten years later
She still asks me
All the difficult questions
When are you taking me out?
Why are you not married?
Would you like to be married?
One day!
I say and run.

Another ten years passed
And she still asks
The difficult questions that feed
White hair in my bold head
When will we have children?
When will we turn our house to home?
I want to say but
Hold my tongue
In box of silence.

How many children
Would you like to have with me?
What about our age difference?
What about our age gap that is wide and deep?
I have questions of my own now
In despair I ask back
Never mind the age gap
Love conquers all
She replies confidently
I submit to her eyes
She has been winning the argument
For twenty years
Better than her mother,
Better than her sister,

Never mind the age gap!

April 26, 2017

About alaindesade

Novelist, songwriter and philosopher. Has special interest in human relations, evolution of mind, inter-cultural complications, and the concept of God.
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