Letters undelivered

I wait for a thousand years
To see her by the horizon
Once again
I write her a thousand letters
She’ll never read and keep her memory
You may call me a coward
For not letting her know
But knowing sometimes more hurtful
Than letting go
I let her go, set her free
Trading my heart in her place
At her place I write the one letter
After the thousand, would it be the last?
I doubt it
You may call me a coward
For not leaving a note
Before disappearing in the rain
Melting on the road sides
I leave
Loving her to eternity
That’s the story short
In its entirety.

January 24, 2018


About alaindesade

Novelist, songwriter and philosopher. Has special interest in human relations, evolution of mind, inter-cultural complications, and the concept of God.
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