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One square inch

 One square inch of being Resides in a sea of faces faceless Competition resumes over Circular tables of residence Towers with footprint of a flower Despite of the rain stands There is no space for lying down One square … Continue reading

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Lonely figure

 In the sun, burning In the mud, sinking A lonely figure stands! May 28, 2018

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There are letters in the post There are letters unopened There are letters unread Then there are your letters, a coast For my wrecked ships, a rescue From my wicked heart, a memory Of your beautiful face and soft touch … Continue reading

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Article: Cancer and Engineered Food

My mother was a beautiful, intelligent and health conscious woman. So, she was always up for trying new products that were marketed as “healthier” options from milk alternatives coffee creamers to vegetable based alternatives to fat and lard. I grew … Continue reading

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A morning call

A ring, two rings, noise Is it the radio? A call A beautiful face occupies the distance. May 27, 2018

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Used tissue

A piece of paper crumbled A discarded memory on the pavement I leave behind for thousand years of losing you. May 26, 2018

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A Virgo sacrifice

Virgo dressed in silver Carrying the last coat of gold Walks through the ancient Gates of timeless heavens Going home. Virgo dripping of blood to Come in the age of the godless Singled souls and burning Earth of the disowned … Continue reading

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