Article: Creativity and Boredom

Recently I had one of those International variations of flu strains that meant I had weeks of being able to do next to nothing. Except, of course, thinking. Prior to this exotic flu strain visit, I was extremely busy with life matters to the point of forgetting my passion of writing. There were hundreds of ideas floating in my head to the brink of hallucination and yet no time to write anything. My ideas were fragmented, my evenings were short and my body longed for my bed. Then suddenly and by force of nature, I had to slow down and I had time to the point of getting bored. And suddenly my creativity re-emerged in dream-like stories and strings of linguistic constructions that I missed all the previous months. As these thoughts were flooding my brain and I was struggling with reining them in to formulated readable texts in recognizable forms, it occurred to me that human creativity perhaps started with the cave people getting bored sitting in their caves waiting for the next round of food gathering or next hunting party. Once humans can gather enough food to last for a while and hunt big games that can be dried to last for months, what else there is to do? Paint? Perhaps! Write symbols on the cave walls and in its sandy floors? Perhaps! Dance and sing? Possibly, especially once magic mushrooms were discovered and meads were made. But even the pleasure food and drinks like wine were probably the product of that wonderful boredom. It stopped being the question of hunger and thirst and became the question of pricking our senses and prinking not just our appearance but everything else associated with our act of being.

So does that mean boredom is our source of invention? Could it be the source of our consciousness and the cause of becoming humans? Well, perhaps boredom could explain few of the wonderful and strange things about our mind and psychological makeup. But next time you feel bored, perhaps reach to that pen and that paper or that piano, you never know!

After all we can philosophize but what remains is the boring reality for C’est la Vie!

May 23, 2018

About alaindesade

Novelist, songwriter and philosopher. Has special interest in human relations, evolution of mind, inter-cultural complications, and the concept of God.
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