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A moment of anger A desire of pain To hurt Passes unrecognised A child in between A baby unborn To end Passes unrecognised The revenge of Consumed souls In love and hate Discarded a blooded sheet The innocent moon withers … Continue reading

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In response to: http://chitkaladitosh.com/2017/07/02/he-broke-up-because/ This would be equally true for men as women. Partnership is a shared experience that requires balance in the meeting of equals. Once the balance is lost the partnership is in jeopardy. As for loving one’s … Continue reading

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Smart 5 minutes late!

Over slept this morning By five minutes My smart alarm decided I need five more minutes My smart coffee machine decided I am late for hot coffee. My smart girlfriend decided She can’t cope with a man Who is always … Continue reading

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Heart thief

She returns the pen She keeps the note She wrote on a tissue paper She leaves She leaves her hand bag behind With the note sinking between Her makeup and Her phone Her phone that Doesn’t stop beeping Her messages … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye

Everything has an end You say Every hello has a goodbye. No regrets you say No regrets I say For meeting you But So many there are For losing you. Would you ever regret Saying goodbye Or You still think … Continue reading

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Shadows walk on the surface of my memory Ballet dancers swirl in their customs to Music unplayed forming a dance unchoreographed Shadows in your shape, in my shape re-acting our Last meeting, last super in Munich cafe, our Last time … Continue reading

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