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Shapes blurred

A painter stands in an empty corner In a crowded quarters The streets crisscross like The tangled thoughts of A crazy jealous A man A woman A something in between A confused A confusion A painter stands with a last … Continue reading

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Article: The Right to be Forgotten

This Thursday will mark the implementation of an EU new standard for handling data. According to CNN’s Richard Quest, it consists of three parts: Opt In, the Right to be Forgotten, and the Company burden. Out of these, the Right … Continue reading

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As a traveller with hungry appetite for books I appreciate eBooks. I can carry a whole library on my ereader without increasing the weight of my backpack. Recently, however, I picked a book by Slavoj Žižek called Event from a … Continue reading

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We are all!

We are all Paris We are all San’a We are all Brussels We are all Aleppo We are all London We are all Mosul We are all St Petersburg In hurt bleeding Broken hearts For thousands dead Broken homes And … Continue reading

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