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Leaving behind historyMemories unrelatedBoxes of collected waste landI travel light intoOblivion. Cornerstones onceCrumbled dust todayForgotten collectiveRemains a crack intoThe soul. Lessons or storiesMythical or realityHistory falls behindNeatly into tidy boxes ofOblivion. Next exit ofThe roundaboutA repeatedHistoryChasing usBehind! November 17, 2021 … Continue reading

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Faceless new account

Faceless The manager of my latest account Faceless The banker of my latest deposit Faceless The shrink of my latest trouble Faceless And they all require my face And my finger prints! In case I skip payment One of the … Continue reading

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A promise

A promise made A promise broken A promise kept A promise lost In the mist Of lost souls And forgotten names I return home To an empty hall Without walls; The forgotten names Are still there haunting. May 2, 2017

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