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After party

He arrived late to the party Uninvited In mayhem he cashed his cheque He arrived late to the party Undetected In mayhem he found his chances He arrived late to the party Uninterrupted In mayhem he collected His ticket His … Continue reading

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Faceless new account

Faceless The manager of my latest account Faceless The banker of my latest deposit Faceless The shrink of my latest trouble Faceless And they all require my face And my finger prints! In case I skip payment One of the … Continue reading

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Manhood and the dismissive woman

Is it possible to tell a woman that sometimes she doesn’t have to find a solution nor she needs to mother, she just need to listen and allow the man just to express himself, his doubts, his weakness, his tiredness … Continue reading

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Elections … elections All are flooding in and out Voting is on its way Voting … voting What are we voting for? Don’t you know? Well … well Blank! None of the above Became an election option Captures the imagination … Continue reading

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Poem: Election Night

  Counting, Counting Eyes are bulging out of their Sockets Obsessed with the small papers Obsessed with the small crosses Obsessed by the numbers Origins of ballots Boxes shapes and colours Grown men holding small pens and tattered papers Notes … Continue reading

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