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Scary love

He was a young man A lonely soul An accident took all those He loved The parents, the family And left him With a big heart empty. He was a young man A thousand miles away In hiding, working hard … Continue reading

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As a traveller with hungry appetite for books I appreciate eBooks. I can carry a whole library on my ereader without increasing the weight of my backpack. Recently, however, I picked a book by Slavoj Žižek called Event from a … Continue reading

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Chasing numbers

A new blog entry arrives at one in the morning After twenty cups of coffee and eyes floating In red tears. Another check on the views count, visitors And last comments, like an addict checking His soup! He can’t sleep, … Continue reading

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What can I do?

The tone of the phone tells me There is a new message received on My new networking app I have installed Because of you But The message is not from you. A memory of our time together creeps in My … Continue reading

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